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It’s best to play it safe when your child is sick and schedule a visit with your pediatrician. The board-certified pediatricians at Southern Nevada Pediatric Center in Las Vegas offer diagnostic testing and treatment methods for a multitude of illnesses, such as the flu and strep throat. The hard-working medical professionals can accelerate the healing process, help fight infection, and get your child back to school and back to enjoying their daily activities as soon as possible. Book a an appointment online or call Southern Nevada Pediatric Center today.

Sick Visit Q & A

What is a sick visit?

A sick visit is a medical visit or checkup centered around evaluating general health, pinpointing the source of symptoms, diagnosing a health condition or sickness, and treating illness.

Sick visits involve various diagnostic testing and treatment methods.

What are the most common reasons for a sick visit?

Some of the most common reasons for a pediatric sick visit include:

  • Sinus congestion and flu-like symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Digestive issues, such as vomiting and nausea

If you have concerns about your child’s health, it’s best to visit Southern Nevada Pediatric Center for an evaluation.

What are some of the testing methods available during a sick visit?

During a pediatric sick visit, your pediatrician might recommend certain testing methods to help determine what’s causing your child’s symptoms and the best way to treat it.

Flu test

There are different types of flu tests. Some work by detecting the part of the virus that stimulates an immune response and others detect the genetic material of the virus. Testing can be performed via a blood test or a nose or throat swab.

RSV testing

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) testing is performed to diagnose an RSV infection. RSV testing can be performed in different ways, such as a nasal swab, a nasal wash (saline solution), or a nasal aspirate (involving a small special medical bulb). The goal is to collect a sample of nasal secretions to test for the virus. Testing for the RSV antigens via blood work can also be helpful.

Mono testing

Mono testing checks for infectious mononucleosis (mono). The test usually involves a quick blood sample drawn from a vein in the arm or the pricking of a fingertip. Mono is an infection that’s typically caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).

Urine testing

Urine testing (dipstick urinalysis) involves a thin plastic chemical-treated strip dipped into the urine to assess various factors of health, such as acidity, sugar and protein levels, and blood in the urine. The chemicals on the stick react and change color if the levels are above the normal range.

Strep throat test

A strep throat test is a simple throat swab to check for the presence of group A streptococcus bacteria that can cause strep throat and other infections, such as pneumonia.

If you have concerns about your child’s health, book a sick visit online or call Southern Nevada Pediatric Center today.

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