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Virtual Visits bring YOUR Pediatrician TO YOU wherever you are!

We know your child’s medical and medication history

We can offer safe and effective solutions for their health concerns


Telehealth (aka: TeleDoctor, Virtual Visits, TeleVisits, Video Appointments)

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a virtual one-on-one office visit. ‘Virtual’ (Tele) meaning it takes place over an internet connection through a computer or cell phone. ‘Visit’ meaning that you will see a provider in real time to discuss your child’s health. The provider will be able to review the chart and assess your child’s symptoms and issues and make the necessary recommendations. Recommendations can include prescribing medications and scheduling follow-up appointments.

How can Telehealth improve health and quality of life?

  • Stuck at work late and could not bring your child to see their pediatrician?
  • Dark outside and feel uncomfortable driving to an ER?
  • Afraid your child will catch other illnesses in the ER?
  • Prefer that your child stays in the comfort of their own home?
  • Unsure your child needs to see a doctor at all? Unsure the long drive and log wait is worth it?
  • Are your other children sleeping? Will you have to wake everybody up?
  • On vacation and want YOUR pediatrician rather than a foreign one or cruise ship doctor?
  • Child out of state at summer camp or college and unable to use your medical insurance?

Coming Soon: Virtual Visits during regular office hours!

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