Telehealth & Your Child's Health

Telehealth can benefit your child in many ways. We have all wondered what the limitations of telehealth could be. Could a doctor make an accurate diagnosis? Could it be harmful in any way? I will give you some real life examples of when telehealth, in my opinion, had been equal or better than a face to face visit. Here are some real life messages I have received /scenarios I have encountered (summarized). 

"It's 2 am and my 2 year old daughter woke up and vomited once. She otherwise seems well but I am afraid to put her back to sleep. She had a high fever yesterday that went away but now this. My other two children are sleeping. Should I wake the family up and go to the nearest Urgent Care?"

"My son is out of state with his school band. His asthma is acting up because Russian Thistle is everywhere! He forgot his inhaler. Should he go to a local Emergency Department? He would likely miss a whole day of practice and we would have to pay out of network fees. I know what happens when he doesn't use his inhaler. I am worried about him."

"We are in the Bahamas on a cruise ship. My son has a rash on his arm and we are not comfortable with the diagnosis made by the cruise ship doctor. Can we get a second opinion?"

"My son goes to school in Henderson and I work in Summerlin (the clinic is located in Summerlin). Every three months he needs a refill of his ADHD medication and that always requires that he miss more than half of a day of school, quite a bit of driving back and forth and I have to miss about half a day of work or more."

"I am a single mother and I can't afford to keep taking time off of work for my child. Most of the time I go to the doctor and they tell me its a virus and he doesn't need medication. Sometimes I demand medication because of all that was involved to get to the doctors visit. I just wish I knew when to take him and when not to so I wouldn't have to disrupt so many routines and risk losing my job every time he gets sick." 

"I live out in Pahrump and the nearest hospital is about 1 hour away. When my child wakes up sick, I worry whether I will have to drive to Las Vegas. So far I have been lucky. There have been times I have made the drive and my child was better by the time I got there. I was tired the next day at work but at least I knew he was okay."

"My son is 7.5 months old and he has thrown up 3 times today. Is there anything I should do for him? I am at work until 4pm so I cannot get to the clinic before you close. He is here with me (true story/very lucky to be able to bring her child to work with her)."


Virtual Visits bring YOUR Pediatrician TO YOU wherever you are!

We know your child’s medical and medication history

We can offer safe and effective solutions for their health concerns

Text or VM: 702-867-2979


 You will need a smartphone to use this function

 A provider will respond to you shortly and arrange for a Virtual Visit

A prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy if medically indicated

For Emergencies: Call 911

Ronda Zulich, MD, FAAP, MHIS

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

SNPC Doctors are monitoring the activity around the world, USA and Clark County. We encourage you to stay informed by following your local news and CDC/WHO websites. Take advantage of our telehealth option. FOR UPDATE: See bottom of blog for dated updates.