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Southern Nevada Pediatric Center

Board Certified Pediatricians located in Las Vegas, NV

At Southern Nevada Pediatric Center (SNPC), the board-certified pediatricians and medical professionals work collaboratively to provide the best possible pediatric care to patients in the Las Vegas Valley. They also offer telehealth/virtual visits for those outside Las Vegas Valley in more rural locations and have difficulty with transportation.

Southern Nevada Pediatric Center treats infants and children from birth to age 26, no matter their condition and welcomes complex chronic kids who need a medical home. All patients are treated with the same respect, dignity and care regardless of their medical needs or demographics. Same-day appointments and walk-ins are accepted. After hours and weekend appointments are available (by appointment only). Virtual visits are always available after hours, weekends and holidays. Virtual visits are also available during regularly scheduled office hours (by appointment only).

Southern Nevada Pediatric Center pediatricians provide care for newborns at a number of nearby hospitals. In the office, they offer a range of services and treatments, including wellness checks and physical exams, preventive health care, immunizations, weight management, preoperative exams, and prenatal visits. They also treat premature infants and more complex pediatric cases and welcome those with complex medical and social needs. They also perform procedures when necessary, such as ear lavage, ingrown toenail removal, wart removal, etc.

A variety of screenings are available, including testing for the flu, RSV and strep throat. The friendly and close-knit group offers free flu vaccination for Medicaid and uninsured patients and a range of other offerings and vaccines. All children, adolescents, and young adults receive beneficial education and information on how to live a healthier lifestyle and enhance wellness and quality of life. Providers work closely with patients who desire weight loss and help them safely reach their goals.

Whether it’s asthma, allergies, eczema, acne, ADHD, or anxiety, all patients can expect careful attention to the medical needs and to be treated like family at Southern Nevada Pediatric Center.


Southern Nevada Pediatric Center
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